On October 31, 2019 a State of Emergency storm event caused the partial collapse of the CR4 (N Shore Rd) over Paul Creek Bridge in the Town of Day, Saratoga County. The east stream bank eroded leading to the partial collapse. Creighton Manning’s structures group worked with Saratoga County and ING Civil to reestablish traffic with installation of a temporary bridge just 27 days following the storm. The temporary two lane bridge was built south of the original bridge and was utilized to maintain traffic during the upcoming winter and throughout construction of a new bridge.

CR4 Emergency BridgeCR4 Emergency Bridge

The emergency scope of work included the complete removal of the existing 32 ft. long, single span concrete bridge and design and construction of a temporary 60 ft. long single span multi-girder structure with a timber deck. The realigned approach roadway integrated Geosythetically Reinforced Soil System (GRSS) walls to ensure the temporary roadway would not conflict with excavation during construction of the permanent structure.

Once traffic had been reestablished on the temporary bridge, final design for the permanent structure began. This phase of the project included construction of a new 55 ft. single span steel multi-girder structure on the existing roadway alignment featuring installation of micropile foundations, construction of cast-in-place concrete integral abutments, installation of a steel beam and concrete deck superstructure, and associated approach roadway reconstruction. Traffic was maintained throughout construction on a modified configuration of the existing temporary detour bridge utilizing signalized alternating one-way traffic.

Less than one year after construction of the temporary bridge, the permanent bridge replacement is complete and was opened to traffic on November 9, 2020.