Washington Avenue, Rensslaer - ConstructionOne of the basic responsibilities of local government is the provision of essential services including water and sewer. In historic cities across New York State, the existing water and sewer infrastructure is often beyond its useful service life. In addition, the ability to attract economic development also depends on the capacity and quality of water and sewer. Creighton Manning provides engineering services to municipalities, utility companies, and property owners to improve the condition of water and sewer infrastructure.

Our civil engineers are experienced in the planning, permitting, design, and construction supervision of water distribution systems, water main extensions, and wastewater collection systems including new sanitary sewer systems as well as rehabilitation of existing systems. We partner with clients to address community and environmental concerns and regulations, and quantify the benefits of improvements, while managing the economic implications and meet scheduling requirements.

Funding municipal wastewater and drinking water infrastructure projects that improve water quality and protect public health is a concern for local leaders. Creighton Manning works with local municipalities to secure grant funding to support these important infrastructure projects. Navigating the complex State and Federal programs and applications can be overwhelming. We have successfully helped municipalities secure millions of dollars in grants to improve their infrastructure.