Project Description

Abeel Street Reconstruction

City of Kingston, Ulster County, New York

This Locally Administered Federal Aid project involves the full depth reconstruction of 2.2 miles of Abeel Street, an urban roadway in the City of Kingston. Design features of this project include the installation of storm drainage, sidewalks, curbs and bikeways, ROW acquisition to eliminate hazardous curves, and the replacement and/or upgrade of signs, safety and guide rail systems. Design challenges included significant utility relocations, endangered species, and historical resources. Creighton Manning was responsible for the preparation of the Design Approval Document/Environmental Assessment, all preliminary and final roadway reconstruction design plans, and construction inspection.  Creighton Manning also developed the stormwater management design in accordance with the 2010 NYSDEC Stormwater Manual and implemented green infrastructure techniques and landscape design elements within the corridor.

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