Project Description

BC Transit System Bus Stop Improvement Plan 

Broome County, New York

BC Transit Bus StopAs part of the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study’s (BTMS) overall transportation plan, Creighton Manning led a study to inventory the location, condition, and passenger amenities at each bus stop across Broome County (BC) Transit’s system. The study documented the presence of bus stop infrastructure, the condition of signage and shelters, and the level of compliance with ADA requirements for transit stops. Each of the 734 existing BC Transit bus stops was assigned to one of four bus stop classifications based on their relative importance within the route network. In addition to development of bus stop classifications, Creighton Manning performed an assessment of the existing BC Transit bus stop signs to ensure industry standards and best practices. Elements including sign layout, visibility, placement, and consistency of branding were evaluated. The results of this effort were distilled into an electronic database which includes photos taken to document bus stop conditions. The database was provided to BC Transit with the overall plan for development of a bus stop improvement guide and plan for the County to assist with the decision-making process for capital expenditures at bus stops over the next 10 years.