Project Description

CR24 Culvert Replacement

Town of Canaan, Columbia County, New York

The CR24 culvert over Indian Creek was single span culvert with a varying span that transitions from approximately 17 ft. at the upstream (north) side to approximately 13 ft. at the downstream (south) side. The culvert consisted of a concrete-encased steel beam “jack-arch” type superstructure on concrete abutments founded on spread footings with narrow lanes and shoulders and severe beam deterioration. The replacement structure is a single span prestressed concrete adjacent voided slab superstructures on integral abutments with standard 10 ft. wide travel lanes and 3 ft. wide shoulders. The span increased to 34 ft. to better match the stream geometry and to ensure that the 100-year storm event could be accommodated without overtopping the bridge. Creighton Manning was responsible for preliminary and final bridge design phases, survey, hydraulic analysis, and construction inspection. The new structure meets the current NYSDOT standards with a 50+ year design life and improves the scour susceptibility and hydraulic opening to convey the 50-year design flood event.

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