Project Description

CR352 (Fox Creek Rd) over Fox Creek Bridge Replacement

Town of Rensselaerville, Albany County

CR352 (Fox Creek Rd) bridge over Fox Creek required replacement due to its declining structural condition, inadequate hydraulic opening, and severe ongoing scour and erosion caused by high velocity flows through the mountainous terrain as it approached the confined channel at the bridge. The structure required frequent maintenance by Albany County to address the scour, erosion, and debris that accumulated at the bridge site. Creighton Manning Engineering worked with Albany County to develop a design solution to replace the deficient bridge with a low maintenance precast concrete structure with increased scour resilience while addressing and mitigating the hydraulic deficiencies. The new bridge features a natural streambed with stepped cross vanes as stream grade control structures upstream and downstream of the bridge to provide more even flow characteristics through the site. The stepped cross vanes were constructed with extra large angular boulders embedded within the streambed. These structures prevent fast-moving water from causing degradation of the streambed by acting as a barrier against erosion.

Design Highlights:

  • The new structure increased the hydraulic capacity and provided additional scour resilience with lower maintenance
  • Stream reconstruction restored Fox Creek to a more natural state
  • Stepped cross vane scour pools reduce stream velocity and prevent degradation of stream material


  • 2023 APWA New York State Chapter Award, Structures – Less than $5 Million
  • 2023 APWA Capital Branch Award, Transportation – Less than $5 Million