Project Description

Emergency Repair – CR 46 Truss over the Oswego River

Towns of Schroeppel and Granby, Oswego County, New York

This project involved emergency bridge design services for the CR 46 bridge over the Oswego River following a bridge strike on April 18, 2019. The 280 foot, two span truss constructed in 1915 was struck by an oversized vehicle, severing the truss’s overhead bracing and two truss vertical members. Following consideration of various repair alternatives, the design involved replacing the damaged members in-kind without compromising the stability of the truss. The scope of services included bridge inspection, truss stability analysis during construction, load ratings, non-destructive material testing, repair details, and restoration of the ornate lattice bracing. The project was completed under the NYSDOT Statewide Emergency Bridge Design Contract, and the bridge was re-opened to traffic in early June 2019.

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