Project Description

St. John Road Bridge Replacement

Town of Afton, Chenango County, New York

The St. John Road Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement Project involved the replacement of a deteriorated 53-foot deck plate girder (DPG) span, the realignment of 2,000 feet of mainline track and the reconstruction of a nearby grade crossing. An abandoned mainline span 70 miles north of the project site was identified as a replacement. The replacement span was lifted off of its abutments and placed on a railcar, transported and offloaded at the staging area of the project site. An abandoned span to the east of the original span was removed and the existing abutments were modified to accommodate the deeper replacement span. The new alignment impacted a public grade crossing approximately 150 feet south of the bridge location, so the grade crossing was relocated and the road was reconstructed to the east of the original alignment. Creighton Manning was the prime consultant responsible for the track alignment, bridge replacement and grade crossing/road work.

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